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Pacific Mind Institute provides a full range of counseling services. Whether you or your child has struggled with trauma, adjusting to a change, divorce or you just want some assistance with parenting; we will figure out how to best serve you.




Having an understanding of what you, your child or your family is facing is key to finding supportive solutions to get you back to a point of feeling that you can handle things on your own. Counseling can be a fluid prices sometimes vacillating between individual therapy to family therapy and then back to individual. Whether you are dealing with Depression, Anxiety, behavioral issues or something else, we will work to serve you in the best way possible, or we will get you connected with someone who can. We will use the approach which is most suitable for the client's age, developmental level and presenting problem. Most importantly, it will be a process that will likely be enjoyable and feel like an accomplishment.




"When I first met Erica, the self-doubt I had in my parenting abilities deeply affected my relationship with my four year old son, as well as his behavior. I was overwhelmed and knew that my son and I needed an outsider's perspective and assistance. Erica's calming and accepting demeanor immediately put both my son and I at ease. Observing my son develop such a healthy relationship with Erica instilled confidence inside of me knowing that she was there to help us grow as mother and child. Because of the knowledge and help that she provided, I can now say that my relationship with my son has never been stronger. Not only that, but because of her unwavering belief in me, I have developed a strong belief in myself and my parenting abilities."  Elizabeth - mom of 4 year old 


We are an in-network provider with most insurance companies and many EAP's. We will work with you to bill your insurance company for you, so you just manage your copay, percentage or deductible.